Teresa Giudice

Teresa is done with Jacqueline and Caroline.

on Jun 18, 2012

You know Jacqueline watched it and read about it on the blogs. Where was the accusation that Caroline brought Danielle back from the dead? Because she did, not me. (PS: Caroline didn’t stop talking about Danielle then either. Two months later in October at the Real Housewives Live Tour in Atlantic City, Caroline told the audience that she’d rather deal with Danielle than Kim G. because “somewhere deep in Danielle, there’s a heart.” A heart? After what she did to your sister Dina, Caroline? Wow.)

A week later, I was on WWHL and Andy asked me what I thought of CAROLINE’S answer. So again, this Danielle thing is from Caroline. I said Danielle never really bothered me; it wasn’t my family she was going after. Well, Danielle, I guess sick of being talked about twice in two weeks on a show she’s not on anymore, tweeted Andy Cohen live to say oh yeah, I never did anything to Teresa? What about the time I worked with her sister-in-law Melissa behind her back? Um, what?!? News to me! Horrible, horrible news to me. You know the place I was in; you know how I felt having my family join the show behind my back for evil reasons. Now here I am, trying to make up with Melissa and forgive her, and I hear that? You saw some of the tweets on TV from that night, but I think you should see all of them.

From Danielle:
- “@bravoandy @bravotv is this true? Maybe I should show everyone what
@melissagorga wrote my fb inbox about Teresa?”
- “Wow careful now bc ive got emails from her own sisterinlaw w so
much Teresa dirt.”
- “@melissagorga Melissa Did you ever tell Teresa you were contacting
me constantly?”
- “@melissagorga did you tell tre you wanted to come on w me last
season To get back at her”
- “@melissagorga and everytime you & Tre’s brother begged me to come
on w me – I said no!”