Teresa Giudice

Teresa is done with Jacqueline and Caroline.

on Jun 18, 2012

As soon as the show with Andy was over, I was shaking, but I’m sorry, I was happy to hear the truth. You can only be lied to for so long. Yes, I was mad, so from backstage I tweeted: “Thank you @daniellestaub for telling the truth. I'm sad but not surprised. :( #famewhore”. I didn’t mention Melissa’s name and left who I was calling the “fame whore” open on purpose, because I wasn’t sure. I figured I’d let whoever felt guilty claim the title. A super nice tweet? No. I’m not proud of it, but put yourself in my shoes if you just found that out about your sister-in-law contacting who she thought was your worst enemy. I could have typed much worse.

I felt bad though and realized that I didn’t want the public seeing my family divided, and that maybe Danielle was full of crap, so I immediately defended Melissa and called out Danielle with this tweet: “I don't believe Melissa would ever talk to @daniellestaub. Danielle, stop tweeting about my family. If you got something, show it or STFU!"

Melissa chimed in with this denial tweet: “Let's be clear. After I posted abt the xmas cookies incident on FB she approached me to film w/ her. Did I film? No! Begged her? Please” Danielle shot back with: “oh she cannot lie out of this - she knows it and this is just the mild stuff she really had it in for tre.” Danielle also tweeted that Melissa was the one who told her about my nephew in the hospital because “how else would I know?” Good point, how would she?

So, is Danielle lying? I didn’t know at that point, but I left it with a smack down on Danielle to just shut up. Then I show up at Jacqueline’s Baileys & Bash Fest 2011 and I’m attacked for contacting Danielle. First Jacqueline cries that if I were any kind of friend, I would never have anything to do with Danielle. Um, I don’t. No mention here of Caroline, her actual sister-in-law’s involvement. Then Jacqueline confesses that she believes Melissa probably did contact Danielle, but so what. So what? Again, which is it? You’re freaking out that I would possibly answer her back, or you’re not bothered at all that your new friend Melissa has been in total contact with Danielle? Pick one!