Teresa Giudice

Teresa is done with Jacqueline and Caroline.

on Jun 18, 2012

But that’s the thing: Caroline and Jacqueline can’t pick one because they contradict themselves in every sentence. Caroline -– who conveniently stomped out of the darkness like Bigfoot to join the ambush –- says, “You never apologized to me for the cookbook.” I say, “Yes I did, several times.” Caroline answers, “Yeah, but they were empty apologies.” Caroline: “You said don’t be friends with Melissa and Kathy.” I denied it. She answers, “Of course you did, many times.” I call her out: “Really? I said, ‘Don’t be friends with them’?” Then Caroline changes her answer: “You never said it, but you meant it.” WTF? I didn’t apologize but I did… I said it, but I didn’t…

I realized right then a very simple but powerful truth: you can’t argue with crazy. When crazy invites crazier over, you should pack up and haul ass out of there.

Caroline is just full of crap, plain and simple. I have nothing more to say about her.