Caroline Manzo

Caroline is proud of Albie's work ethic, but thinks he needs to find time for fun.

on Aug 5, 2013

It was nice to see the kids playing together at the Gorga/Giudice dinner. Kids have a way of showing adults just how dumb we are sometimes! Their actions through their innocence can sometimes send such a powerful message about what's important in life. It was a nice scene, I vote for more.

Albie makes me so sad sometimes. I hated to hear him say he wasn't ready to be happy. He's such a serious kid, or man, I should say... I understand and agree that my children have a strong work ethic, and believe me, that's something that Al and I instilled in the three of them from a very young age. However, a balance of work and play is very important for the mind. Albie is incapable of creating the balance. My husband Albert is the same way and he can't see my point, therefore, we do disagree from time to time when it comes to the kids. Do me a favor, relax and don't read too much into his attitude at the dinner table. Albert and I have been together for over 32 years and have had our fair share of ups, downs, and everything in between. There is no divorce hiding in the shadows or discontent with each other. It's a simple disagreement between two people that have been together for nearly a lifetime. End of story.