Caroline Manzo

Caroline shares her thoughts on all the reunion conflict.

on Oct 9, 2013

Hello everyone! Sorry I'm late, been a busy couple of weeks, but here I am!

We're nearly at the end of the road. I'm finally getting myself into relaxation mode, and I'm happy, happy, happy.

First and foremost, let me give a shout out to my girls Lauren Manzo, Amanda Cassese, Caitlin DeCunzo, and Lindsey Andrews! Lauren and Amanda were the beauty team from Lauren's store Cafface responsible for making me look as good as a 52-year-old can look on HDTV! They are doing an amazing job at Cafface, and I couldn't be prouder of them and the rest of their staff. I can't forget you Lia Cagliostro! Caitlin has been doing my blowouts for years and she will be at Cafface soon too. She gave birth a few months ago to a very handsome little man named James, who has become the Cafface "mascot." Lindsey designed and made my dress not knowing I planned on wearing it to the reunion. She came to N.J. from Rhode Island four years ago to follow a dream to get into the design field. What better way than showing off her design to a few million people, right? I surprised her the night before and she literally stayed up the entire night tweaking a dress that needed no tweaking at all. I'm proud of her and I have faith that one day she will be a household name. Follow your dreams girls, you're gonna set the world on fire, wait and see. xoxoxo!

I thought the reunion was pretty tame all things considered. This makes me happy; I hope you all feel the same. We've had enough drama for a lifetime, agree? Part 2 airs Sunday, let's see if we can keep the momentum going. Wishful thinking?

The back and forth between the Gorga-Guidice clan was predictable, and to be honest, at this point in the game I'm throwing the towel in. Both believe they are right and innocent, and frankly, you can't berate someone for speaking what they believe to be their truth. One day the sun will shine down on them all and there will be peace in the neighborhood, you gotta believe folks, believe.