Caroline Manzo

Caroline thinks Teresa and Joe's one-on-one time helped expose their true feelings.

on Jul 21, 2013

Hello again and happy Sunday! I hope you all had a wonderful week and managed to stay cool in the heat!

I have to admit that the phone call I received from Teresa was surprising, especially that early in the morning! If you remember, when we met for lunch I promised her I'd be there for her if she needed me. Teresa sounded upset, and after watching tonight’s episode, I can understand where she was coming from. What an awful thing to witness and be part of -- everyone's emotions had to be through the roof. Call me crazy, call me meddling, or maybe just call me a friend, for better or worse, Lake George, here I come. Just as a reminder to myself, always take the time to put make up on -- what a mess!

When I arrived I found Kathy, Rich, Rosie, and Melissa having breakfast together, and although they looked a little drained, everyone seemed to be OK. I was happy to hear that Teresa and Joe were in a private session with Dr. V.