Garden Statements's Associate Producer really didn't see this one coming.

on Jul 22, 2013

Yes! Let the healing begin, because all this fighting was giving me a lot of anxiety. Hopefully now I won't have to start my Gorga-Giudice feud support group to help people cope. In any event, let's look back at the memorable moments that led to what appears to be the deepest breakthrough in RHONJ history.

No. 3 - In Which We Learn Teresa Cannot Wink

That poor, poor attendant. It looked to me like he's a big fan of the show and then somehow found himself delivering champagne to Joe and Teresa in the bathroom while they're naked in the tub. How do you react to this? What do you do when the people you've seen on TV are suddenly in at your place of business in a state of semi-undress? Evidently by grinning sheepishly, pouring the champagne, and running out of there in a bewildered daze.

In other news, Teresa cannot wink, as we learned when she attempted to do so in conjunction with her "bow chicka wow wow" thing. What better way to ease all these flaring tempers than by getting frisky in the soothing waters of a Lake George inn's bath? If that doesn't calm Joe down, nothing will.