Garden Statements's Associate Producer will miss Greg (and Deloris).

on Aug 12, 2013

But their bonding time wasn't all laughs and extreme competition. Gia, in one of the most touching/wow this kid truly becoming an adult moments of the series, goes deep with Joe about their relationship and how all of the fighting between him and Teresa has really affected her. Powerful stuff.

Take a moment while you dry your eyes to look back at these adorable home photos of Gia (and the rest of the girls) through the years. Ah, memories!

Now that everyone is getting along (or at least can be in the same room together without giving death stares), Teresa decides to have everyone hop on a party bus and zumba the night away for charity.

Did I mention the party bus had a pole?

All in good fun! You know it's a good day when everyone can sit back and laugh about all the names they've called each other in the past. (Or at least Google them.)

After a little bus wine, the crew was ready to shake and samba for a good cause. Joe Gorga had my favorite dance move by far: