Garden Statements's Associate Producer will miss Greg (and Deloris).

on Aug 12, 2013

And while some relationships were repaired this week, others were changed forever. Greg, the lovable and sassy roommate of the Manzo bros, has decided to go west to California. I for one will miss all his great one liners and comic relief. My personal favorite being when he said he felt like Sandra Bullock in Speed on the RV trip.

Side Note: Did you know he once met Mariah Carey?

Caroline shed a tear and gave a lovely goodbye speech (and reveals she's hoping he'll end up back in Jersey in her blog). We'll never forget you, Greg! (Or Deloris!)

Speaking of the West Coast, Jacqueline takes a little trip to Beverly Hills, not to meet Lisa Vanderpump and dine at SUR, but to get her tummy and neck done. It's unclear why she has to go all the way to Cali, but it does mean we get to catch up with Ashlee, so yay!

Jacqueline's prodigal daughter has turned her attitude around with her new West Coast ways and has been blogging up a storm. She won't even take a tequila shot with her mom! It looks like getting kicked out was the best thing that ever happened to her.

BTW did you know Jacqueline's surgery took six hours? She's got all the gory details in her blog.

Next week Melissa confronts her ex-friend Jan about the cheating rumors.