Garden Statements's Associate Editor is an equine therapy convert.

on Sep 1, 2013

Wyatt Webb, Equine Therapist, is my new favorite person. I mean look at this guy:

He is like a tough love/psychic Kenny Rogers.

Some people had trouble opening up and getting Wyatt's horse to lift its hoof. Case in point Melissa, who thought that doing "the Rosie walk" would help.

As Rosie herself pointed out, that is most certainly NOT a Rosie walk.

But Wyatt did manage to get most of the Jersey crew to open up, including one very surprising and moving reveal from Al Manzo about past abuse and getting Joe Giudice to admit he's afraid about his legal issues. And if he can get those two to open up, you know this guy is good.

We've rounded up all the biggest moments from equine therapy here (accompanied by some beautiful pictures of horses for your enjoyment).

And remember: "The more vulnerable you can be, the better. Everytime."