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Clearing Up the Kathy Comment

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Clearing Up the Kathy Comment

Jacqueline explains the joke about Kathy and how this reunion was different.

My goal for the reunion: Keep it real but "speak only when spoken to" and only on issues concerning me or a scene I was involved in. (Unlike last years reunion.)

Last reunion I was brutally honest to the point that I said things that were not my place to say, because I was angry. I crossed the line a few times when I just should have stayed quiet. When I hear people lying to or about me, it hurts and angers me and I start calling people out. After I saw what that looked like last reunion, I decided I would not let that happen again, and I would have more self-control over my emotions in the future. I was very proud of how I stayed quiet this reunion and didn't throw in my 2 cents.

Let me make something clear. I love Kathy. I think she is such a genuine, loving, nurturing, unselfish person. When I was pretending not to be paying attention to her scene, it was a complete joke! I was teasing Kathy, because during this season it seemed like Kathy wasn't being heard, and not getting the time, attention, and respect that she deserved from all of us, because Kathy is always there for all of us. Rosie even pointed that out to all of us during the season. I was completely being silly at the reunion and making a joke out of it. I'm sorry if it was taken the wrong way by some of you. I would never intentionally hurt Kathy. I love her and her family very much. Kathy knows that. I just wanted to clear that up.

I see similarities between the effect Super Storm Sandy had on the Jersey Shore and the effect this season had on our RHONJ cast. When something devastating happens in your life, you may feel defeated and you feel like shutting down and wanting to give up because you lose hope of things ever getting better. You feel so much hurt and pain that you can't see the light ahead or the possibility of how you will be able to recover from the damage that has been done. The work to put things back to together seems overwhelming and unattainable at the time.

But then something unexplainable nudges you to keep moving forward and gives you the strength to push through your fears and heartache to fight for what you want. When you want something bad enough, you will do the work to get it. To reach your goal, you have to face your challenges one at a time. Slowly but surely, you start making and seeing the progress and you start believing things can get better. Doors start to open. Things may not ever be the same as they used to be, but different doesn't necessarily mean bad. There may be setbacks along your journey that might discourage you temporarily, but if you keep persevering, you will get to a better place and there will be peace, love, and happiness surrounding you again. Just like the Jersey shore, just like the Gorgas, Giudices, Wakiles, Manzos, and the Lauritas.

Best wishes to everyone!

Love to all! XOXO!