Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline explains why she wanted to get the tummy tuck.

on Aug 11, 2013

I hated seeing Greg move, especially so far away! I was very proud of him for the great job he got in San Franciso, but we all would miss him. He was always so much fun to be around. He always got me laughing. I really enjoyed him. Lucky for me, I'm still following @greggybennett on Twitter where I could check on him daily when I needed a Greg Fix. Oh my gosh! Have any of you been following his blog on www.greggybennett.com? HILARIOUS!

I realize that a tummy tuck is a serious surgery, but I checked out Dr. Brent really well first and felt very safe with him.  My decision to get a tummy tuck was easy. I always wanted one since I gave birth to Nicholas and lost all of my baby weight. My body just didn't bounce back this time like it did in the past. Dieting and exercising couldn't fix that mess you saw. It looked like an elephant leg. LOL! It didn't matter how beautiful my husband, family, or friends told me I was. I wasn't feeling it. That skin had to go, and so did that tattoo! It was cute because inside the heart was the letter "C" on top of, and connecting to, a cursive letter "L". I had that tattoo made for my husband while we were engaged. Well...that's ONE way to get rid of a tattoo! LOL!

I knew Chris and the kids would be OK. Nick had a busy schedule with school and his at-home therapies and I had my niece/babysitter, Sarah, looking after them to help Chris out. Caroline and her kids were also nearby. They were in good hands.