Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline how she managed to conquer her fear of public speaking.

on Sep 16, 2013

Autism awareness is something that I am extremely passionate about. I have been asked by countless organizations, event planners, high schools, and colleges to come and speak for them and to share my family's journey with Autism. I wanted to do it all, but my fear of public speaking was holding me back and I was feeling horrible about it. Instead, I was spreading as much awareness as I could through social media, countless blog interviews and magazine articles as well as supporting many Autism fundraisers as a special guest. I even started to put together all of my own resources and information I have gathered throughout my Autism journey to share with everyone on my website www.JacquelineLaurita.com. I even answered many emails from families needing advice. I do what I can do.

I knew that to be an even better Autism advocate, I needed to get over my fear of public speaking. My husband knew that as well, and he believed in me, so he put me up to speaking at "The Knock Out Autism" event at House of Sports in Ardsley, NY. The event was benefitting Generation Rescue. I wanted to do it so badly, but I was terrified.

Generation Rescue was one of the first organizations my husband and I reached out to for help at the beginning of our Autism journey along with Autism Speaks. We knew that Jenny McCarthy was involved in that organization, and since I had read her books about her and her son Evan's  journey with Autism, I really wanted to ask her some questions about how she recovered her son.