Cast Blog: #RHONJ

Jacqueline's Botox Comment

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Victoria Gotti's Big No No

Jacqueline's Botox Comment

Jacqueline explains why she brought up Teresa's Botox use in her interview.

As you could probably tell, I was in no mood to workout when my trainer, Jolene Mathews (@Jolenemfitness & arrived at my home. I'm not always resisting training like that, but I had just heard that Teresa was upset because I went to "her" gym and was telling people I was stalking her. I explained my feelings about that "situation" in my last blog, so I won't go there again. Teresa had been out of sight, out of mind for so long, and I had been feeling at peace with everything until I heard Teresa was talking about me again. It upset me so much that I found myself feeling sucked back into those negative feelings toward her again. I was basically upset with her for her being upset with me. What do I do when I get upset? I vent. So clearly, I vented. LOL!

I actually found that scene amusing. Poor Jolene had no shot at getting me to focus on working out that day. Jolene is a great trainer and a great friend. Jolene was actually very supportive and vented to me about how she felt hurt by Teresa as well. Girlfriends vent to each other, because it helps us feel better about whatever is hurting us. We purge and cleanse.

I do Botox and I am not ashamed of it. So what!? I love to poke fun at myself about it. It makes me laugh. If I remember correctly, the reason I mentioned Teresa doing Botox in my interview was because of what she had said to me during the reunion show about mine: "You and your Botoxed face!" LOL! I felt like Teresa saying that to me was odd, because I knew she did Botox as well, so I couldn't figure out why she would say it in such a derogatory way to me, as if she would never do it herself. Don't get me wrong, I respect that some people want to remain secretive about their beauty secrets and not everyone is as open about sharing them as I am. However, it bothers me when someone says derogatory things about others doing beauty treatments that I know they have done themselves. That was the point I was trying to make.If you guys haven't been to Little Town yet, you must go. It's been extremely successful, and it's the coolest place to hang out. It's in a great location on the water in Hoboken, NJ. The food and the entertainment are amazing too. You will love it! I'm so proud of what my nephews have accomplished. They are both so handsome too. Have you all seen Lauren lately? She's beautiful and also doing well in her business, Cafface! I'm a proud Aunt.

BLK (@blkbeverages & has become extremely successful in such a short period of time. It is now in almost every major chain grocery store across the country and in many specialty stores as well. The boys put so much work into BLK and never took a paycheck so that they could continue to put the money back into the company to continue to make it grow. Their work is finally paying off. BLK beverages is growing at a fast rate every single day. Again, I'm very proud.

The boy's earnings from Little Town gave the boys the cash flow they needed to pay their bills and have money to play with. It's also a business that they are familiar with and enjoy. It's literally downstairs from them, in the building they live in, so it's very convenient for them to go there. They are juggling both businesses just fine.I did my best to stay out of the conversation involving Teresa's family drama at the Wakile birthday party. Did you notice how quiet I was when everyone was talking? I did, however, step in to dance with Rosie when I heard her getting upset. I actually danced her right into a chair in the corner of the room facing the wall and started massaging her shoulders. Hey, tensions can run high in New Jersey! 

Don't give up hope for this family yet. Miracles do happen.

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