Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline talks about hearing Nicholas say "I love you" again.

on Jun 9, 2013

We also had been working with a woman by the name of Lisa Gold, who was referred to me by someone whom she had helped with getting their nonverbal child to speak. Lisa refers to her type of therapy as "Naturalized Autism Therapy" (http://www.theautismtherapist.com/#!lisa-b-gold-ma/c1sja). Her ways were less traditional than our other therapists. She has a very different approach that other ABA therapists might not agree with, but I will say that she did believe in our son and taught our family to defy expectations. Lisa was big on parent training! Parent training is a very important piece to your child's recovery. Make sure you ask for it if you're not getting it. She taught us to push our child a little harder and that it was OK to allow him to cry while we wait for him to request. Then, and only then, could we reward him for his efforts with a positive reinforcer that he enjoys. I believe that extra push she taught us, along with the ground work and efforts of his other home therapists, school therapies, and his special diet, helped Nicholas to bring out his first few words after many months of silence and babbling. We are grateful to her for that.

Lisa and Nick’s music therapist, Jenn Goodman (aka.. Jammin Jenn)(http://www.jamminjenn.com/JJMTC/Welcome.html) both worked really hard along with my husband to get Nicholas to say, "I Love You" again. Jammin' Jenn has done incredible things with Nicholas! She is AMAZING and Nicholas LOVES music and responds to it well. Jenn used The Barney "I Love you, you love me" song as a tool to help teach him "I love you." Lisa used lollipops for positive reinforcers.  That "I love you" was the sweetest and most precious gift to receive. Who cares if we had to bribe him with a lollipop? He said it!