Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline talks about hearing Nicholas say "I love you" again.

on Jun 9, 2013

The lollipops we use for positive reinforcers are either Revita pops (http://revitapop.com/), Yum Earth Organic Pops (http://yummyearth.com/), and sometimes Dum Dums (http://m.dumdumpops.com/).

Nick also has a speech and language therapist Mali DeSantis from Therapeutic Services LLC. (http://www.therapeuticservicesllc.com/index.html) who has does amazing things with Nick and helps to organize our household in ways to help Nick speak.

And he takes Gymnastics from Brian’s Team (http://briansteaminfo.com/home/). He enjoys that very much. It helps with his coordination, muscle tone, and to socialize. He is starting swimming lessons very soon as well. He loves the water and has no fear, so I have to make sure he knows how to swim.