Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline opens up about her heart-to-heart with Teresa.

on Sep 2, 2013

I'm so sorry I didn't blog last week. I had very little downtime to do it, so I will just add my thoughts from last week into this week’s blog.

I think most of you were wondering what I felt about Teresa's "Karma" comment, so I will address that. Teresa and I had not really resolved everything from our past relationship, and I still didn’t completely trust her sincerity. Being civil really isn't the same as being a friend. "Keep your enemies closer" keeps playing in my head.

I was a little sensitive to that "karma" comment, because Teresa had known that someone had said that about my son in a derogatory way in the past and it upset me. My thought process was this: if Teresa believed that if she hurt someone, karma could go back on her kids, then it is logical to think that she also believed that karma could go back on the kids of others who have hurt someone. Teresa had made it known to me that she felt that I had hurt her in some way, so why wouldn't she feel that karma could affect my kids, if it was her belief it could happen to her own? Get it? Autism was one thing that she knew I was struggling with when it came to my child, so that is why it popped into my head. Even though I consider my son a good karma and a definite blessing in my life, I wasn't sure how she perceived it.