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Responding to Linda's Comments

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Responding to Linda's Comments

Jacqueline was surprised to hear some of the things Teresa's friend had to say about her.

Episode 3, here we go...

Nicholas is doing great and responding very well to the Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Therapy. (We call it the HBOT.) This treatment allows pressurized oxygen to get to places in the body that it normally wouldn't be able to go to. Oxygen is very healing. It helps to repair damaged cells. It reduces inflammation in the body. It is good for a long list of conditions, not just Autism. Using the HBOT, along with Nick’s taking his supplements, has really been an effective treatment for our son.

I go in the chamber with Nicholas for 2 hours every day. The HBOT also happens to be a great anti-aging treatment. It's great for your skin, so bonus for me! I personally notice I heal faster from the beauty treatments I've done. (Laser treatments, microderm abrasion, peels, tummy tuck, etc.) The HBOT is very popular in many spas and medical treatment facilities in Japan. It's been making it's way here into the USA and gaining popularity. A lot of athletes use it to increase lung capacity and heal their sports injuries. It's pretty amazing.

Nicholas and I really enjoy our time in there together. We play together or go on our iPads. There are also times when he has slept through the whole treatment. Sometimes, I do my tweeting from in there. LOL! It's our downtime and we both come out feeling great! We love it!We first used a chamber at one of Nicholas's doctor’s office, Dr. David Dornfeld at We saw an immediate increase in Nick's focus, concentration, and an increase in speech so we decided that we must get one for our home! I felt it would be more convenient, less time consuming, and cost effective if we owned one. I knew the whole family could benefit from it.

Keep in mind that what works for one child may not necessarily work for another. It was worth a try. Fortunately for us, we have definitely seen improvements with Nicholas using the HBOT. We still use it.

We got our Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chamber from a great guy and dear friend of ours, Samir Patel from Oxyhealth. We were so grateful to have him come set it up at our house and give us a lesson on how to properly use it. I was surprised at how quick and simple it was to assemble and how easy it is to use. The chamber we have for Nicholas is called "Vitaeris 320." Watch this heartwarming clip about our dear friend Shannon, who has an amazing story about what Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy did for her daughter, Gracie.

You can see some of my video uploads of Nick in the HBOT if you search Jaclaurita on

You can learn more about the HBOT from a podcast that I did with my friends Samir and Shannon for Caroline on Just look for "Let Me Tell You Something" by Caroline Manzo.

Now I'll get to the juicy Housewives drama stuff that I know you all enjoy. Interact, analyze, gossip! I totally get it! Let me try to get back to that place when this episode was happening.When Caroline told me that Teresa expected an apology from me, it made me giggle at the suggestion of it. It was as if Teresa really felt like she didn't owe ME one. Caroline had also told me that Teresa blamed me for the demise of her family. That bothered me, because I knew there had been hard feelings between her and her family that were never truly resolved long before I ever came into the picture. I felt like Teresa still wasn't taking any accountability for anything that she had done to destroy our friendship or her relationship with her family. She was still shifting blame onto others. It was a reminder to me as to why I removed that toxicity from my life. It had been a long time since I thought of or spoke about Teresa. She had been out of sight, out of mind. It was a toxic period of my life that I had no desire to go back to. I had too many other important things to focus on. It was unfortunate the way our relationship fell apart, but I decided that I was not going to allow myself to put any more thought or energy into it. It was what it was.

My friendship with Teresa was over because I honestly didn't believe there would ever be a sincere effort on Teresa's part to forgive, forget, or move forward past all that was said and done. I pushed any thoughts of her to the back of my mind and did my best to forget about it.Happy Birthday to Gia! XOXO! It was sad to me not being around Teresa's kids to watch them grow up. I always thought I would be there for them and was looking forward to it. I would have been the aunt to tell Gia to shave her "grill" LOL!

When I said that Gia's party was the last place I'd want to be, I meant if I were Melissa. If I were Melissa, I probably would have bought Gia a gift and taken her out for dinner and cake to celebrate instead. I felt like Melissa was walking into the lion’s den, because I knew a lot of people that would be at the party had ill feelings toward her, including Teresa. At least there was an effort on both parts to try to bring the kids together. Melissa told me that Linda had pulled her aside when Teresa wasn't around to tell her how proud she was of her for coming and that it took a lot of guts. I agree. I know Teresa was disappointed that her brother wasn't there. You can tell there is still love between them. I also think, at this point in time, they were both still disappointed in each other and needed to sort that out. Their next meeting will come soon…

I do remember Melissa saying her throat was hurting during the time Teresa's Father went into the hospital and Joe had pneumonia. I do remember Melissa worrying about passing that on to her Father-on-Law. I know that Melissa did go to the hospital, because I remember seeing a picture of Antonia with her Grandfather when I asked how he was doing. I have no idea when she went, but at least she went. Especially given the awkwardness between them during this time.

Let's talk about the gym fiasco, because that whole thing sounded so ridiculous to me. You'll have to pardon me, because I had no idea there was a stake claimed on one side of the sand box and that I wasn't allowed to cross the line into the other territory or someone would tell on me. Honestly, I had absolutely no motives for going to the gym other than I wanted to meet the girls for a smoothie, catch up, and practice driving on highways (fear of mine). I was invited by Melissa and it fit into my schedule. End of story.

Melissa wanted me to start getting my "sexy" back by first getting me to work out more often. The smoothie and girl chat seemed much more appealing to me than the work out. I don't like squeezing my ass in front of people while I work out. I prefer my privacy when I work out. Last, I knew Teresa worked out at that gym at 6:00 in the morning. I went there after dropping my kids off at school, much later than I remembered Teresa ever going. In the scene with her and Kim, I even heard Teresa say to Kim that she had already worked out that day. I never thought for a second I would run into her there. Even if I did, I wouldn't have cared. At this point in time, she was just somebody that I used to know. As you could see, we were clearly there at separate times. In my opinion, Teresa's friend, Linda, instigated a problem when there clearly wasn't one to begin with. Teresa called it "her" gym as if she owned it. I thought it was so presumptuous of her to think I went there specifically to stalk her. It just sounded ridiculous to me. I wasn't looking to fight with her, and I wasn't looking to rekindle a friendship either. At that point in time, I wasn't worried at all about Teresa's whereabouts or would even consider planning my schedule around her. I was on my own schedule. We both still shopped and ate at some of the same places. We both continued to go to the same doctor for our cosmetic procedures. Eventually, our paths would cross.

I was really surprised by Teresa's "friend" Linda's comments about my "fat ass" not being at the gym for the last however many months she documented me not going. Especially when I ran into Linda soon before that and she was soooo friendly with me to my face and told me how great I looked. I know she's probably going to read this so...this is for her: Linda, so sorry my "ass" isn't to your liking, (Chris loves it), but I've been kinda busy the last few months doing research and trying to recover my child, raising Autism awareness, starting a new business, keeping up with my house, while still focusing on my family and friends. I wasn't putting the gym at the top of my priority list. (I put it above bleaching my asshole, but below everything else I had going on.) I have a busy life. But hey, having a fit body CLEARLY isn't a gauge of how good of a person you are. Seeing as though some of your best friends are actually bigger in size than I am, I hope you didn't offend them by making them wonder if you judge them and what you say behind their backs, as they saw you do to me. You told me you liked me and that you had nothing bad to say about me when talking to me, but your attitude about me seemed to change when speaking to Teresa. You may be strong, but you're obviously not strong enough to be your own person. Fall back, soldier! Try working on your heart muscle. It will make you much more appealing.Teresa commented about how you don't know the "real" me. I'm not sure where she was going with that comment. I think I have been very consistent in showing viewers who I am since day one. I have always organically reacted, good and bad, to every situation that I have been put in, good and bad.

I have been very open and honest about my life for the viewers. I've showed you all the good and bad, happy, sad, and mad. I have no control on what aspects of my daily life you see. If you would like to learn more little tidbits about me, go to under my "About Me" section. Maybe there will be things about me on there that you don't know already. I'm honest, I'm goofy, I'm caring towards others. I like everyone to get along. I'm emotional at times. Impulsive on Twitter at times (LOL), I'm feisty when challenged. I can hold my own. I'm stubborn at times. I tend to analyze and sometimes even over analyze every situation. I'm a fair person. I'm down to earth. I love my family and being a wife and a mother. I could go on and on, but you get my point. We ALL have different sides to us, depending on the situation we are put in. I'm OK with you seeing my struggles and my faults, because I know that you all have them too. I think it's thoughtful that Caroline is trying to put their family back together again. She knows very well that it takes both sides, SINCERELY wanting a relationship at the SAME time, to make it work. It seems like Caroline sees hope for their family and is trying to get them to see it too. I'd love to see their family, as well as our own, come together again as a whole. I just don't have the energy anymore to fight for it. I'm fighting a different fight. If both sides want it bad enough, it will happen, but like I said, relationships take work on both sides and you need to get to the core of the problem.

Stay tuned and buckle up! You are in for a bumpy ride. There's a long windy road ahead of us before we get to our destination. Follow our journey.

To hear more about our Autism journey, and other happenings in our lives, go to

Please go sign up on my new beauty website to have a chance at winning some of our giveaways until the website launches! I'll be going over some of our beauty product giveaways Tuesday morning on Fox & Friends at 6:00am if you want to tune in to watch.

Best wishes to all! XOXO!

Amber: I Felt I Like I Was Being Hazed

Amber Marchese dishes on her experience this season on #RHONJ.

We made it Housewife friends! As it was my rookie season, I felt like I was being hazed in a sorority, but as hard as it was, I made it! I learned so much about how strong I am as a person and some areas that I can work on. I learned that I really do have a “no surrender, never retreat” mentality. I will go to bat with anyone, at any time, and will defend myself and my family at all cost. I also witnessed the undying love that my husband has for me and his family. He was not going to let anyone hurt me and will unleash hell if someone tries. He is truly my modern day Spartan warrior. 

I am so blessed to have shared my experience and struggles with breast cancer -- the timing of my five year mark, the photo shoot, and growing my hair for five years then cutting it for charity -- it was nothing short of a miracle that the Bravo was able to catch that all. It was just meant to be and God was truly working his wonders. Cutting my hair was completely symbolic for me, since cancer no longer defines me. I will never forget, however the pain, fear, and anxiety is in my rear view mirror now. I can sometimes look back to remind myself where I came from, but it in no way defines my future. It is my promise to all of you, I will never take that for granted, especially knowing that there are thousands struggling with cancer every day. 

On to my perspective on the season finale! I am not quite sure why the twins make it a point to confront others in front of large crowds. As Teresa said, they had two weeks to call her and speak to her about what Victoria Gotti had said to us. If they had an issue or wanted an apology, so be it, but what ever happened to being a civilized human being and picking up the phone to call? They did the same thing to me. Two weeks went by without any phone call from them. In fact, they never returned any of my phone calls or texts! They decided to make a scene in front of an entire party. Difference is, this was at a charity event with children in ear shot. Can you blame me for not wanting to bring my babies to this event? I would have absolutely loved my children sashaying down the runway, but there is absolutely no way I would EVER allow my babies to hear what went on. I spoke with Teresa and I knew the twins never called her. So I knew exactly what was brewing, so did Dina. My children come first and mama was protecting her children. Dina was brazen enough to kick Jim and me out of the Florida home for less of an offense, why wasn’t Dina kicking the twins out because they were making a scene at her own charity function for children?! Can we say double standard? Where were her “heads rolling” that she claimed would happen if someone started anything at a Ladybug event? 

I will add that I completely understand how hurt the twins are. I can understand their anger. However, I cannot understand their way of handling conflict. That level of “hot headedness,” I would think, cools down at a certain age as we tend to calm ourselves, think clearly, and with wisdom. It is a level of discernment that should happen after a certain age or experience in life. 

Dina claims to be Teresa’s friend of 25 years, but does not back up her friend at all. If that was my friend, like Christine or Angelia, whom I have been friends for just as long, the twins would not have gotten to the letter T in stupid before I would be dragging them out of the event by their ears. Dina doesn’t have to agree with her best friend, but she should also never allow someone to call her friend of 25 years stupid, at her own charity function no less. Especially knowing what her friend is going through, which pales in comparison to some stupid rumor.

Since Dina has unwarranted venom towards my husband and has completely snubbed him for his previous contributions to The Ladybug Project, I am going to thank him on their behalf for coming up with the idea of the children's fashion show, as well as the connection to East Coast Stars. Since Jim did not attend, he also made a sizable cash donation on behalf of our family. Jim had also worked hard before all the drama to make sure Ladybug even had a venue with all costs covered, including food and beverage. The venue was ultimately not chosen, but Jim had still worked hard to give Dina an option for the event. Instead she chooses to focus on Jim’s comment about her IQ after she interrogated him at an extremely inappropriate, charged moment right after his wife was attacked. Despite her inappropriateness, Jim still ended up apologizing to her. However in my opinion she should have apologized to him for being so glaringly insensitive. 

It may seem as if my perspective is harsh for an end of season blog, LOL! But it is what I was feeling at the time. I owe it to you all to give you my honest interpretation of it. However, at the end of the season, I came out having a certain amount of respect for all of these ladies. Being on a reality show is hard; it pushes us to our limits and it is nothing short of psychological warfare. I truly hope you will support all of us, equally. Teams are good, and appreciated; however, keep the hate towards other Housewives out of it. Perspective are OK, different points of view are what make the world go round, however, when your perspective rises to a level of cruelty, it takes the fun out of our jobs. Allow us to be ourselves, with the good moments and even the moments when we could have handled ourselves a little better. At the end of the day, the Housewives are girlfriends that have strong personalitiesand disagreements -- we love, we hate, and we make up. That’s life. 

I have would like to thank: Denee Lockhart, Amy Malkoff, J. Vincent Jewelers, Cate Scaglione Photography, Castle Couture, Action Media Productions, Elinet Cakes, Christine’s Restaurant, Historical Names, East Coast Stars, Zaboyon, Greenhouse Flowers, Johnny Donavan PR, Anthony Palmieri stylist, Tony Bowls evening wear, and finally, my husband Jim and my mom, Pamula Aguero. 

It was an amazing experience that I would not change for the world. I want to thank all of you for you love and support. This was a wild ride. 

Many blessings to all!

Amber Marchese