Kathy Wakile

Kathy thinks the exercises in Arizona really helped everyone come together.

on Sep 9, 2013

Hello friends!

Yes, summer is almost officially over. Although some get bummed by it, not me -- Fall is one of my favorite times of year. All the seasonal flavors and colors that come into play, getting back into a routine; no more lazy summer daze...have to say, I am ready!

Thanks always for your support and thanks for watching our show as it moves into this season's final episodes!

Now onto this week’s show.

As the Miraval Trip in the Arizona desert continued, it was great to see guards drop, connections and conversations happen, and new beginnings as a united front were declared!

The bottom line in my opinion was many of the healing exercises did open our minds and our souls. Seeing each and every one of us face fears of a horse or balancing on a high wire, the lessons were clear -- they made each one of us look within and think.