Kathy Wakile

Kathy thinks the exercises in Arizona really helped everyone come together.

on Sep 9, 2013

Before you ask, yes, we may not always agree on things, but when it comes down to it, we have each other’s' backs and that is what people need to understand. So back off, haters, we are all good! Definitely keep watching...more interesting twists and turns are coming.

Keep it sweet,

Xoxo Kathy

BTW, I am super excited for this upcoming weekend -- I am going to judge the final round of the Chef Battle in The Shops concourse as part of Mohegan Sun’s Restaurant Week. Then I am heading to Skytop in the Poconos for a dessert demo with my “Dolce Della Dea” Cannoli Kit -- emphasizing portion control. To see more of what I’m involved in and where, visit www.KathyWakile.com. Also, you can keep up with what's happening with me on my Facebook page or follow my family and me on Twitter: @kathywakile, @richardwakile, @victoriawakile, @josephwakile.