Kathy Wakile

Kathy thinks everyone should have gone into the Lake George trip with a more positive outlook.

on Jul 15, 2013

On a related note, Jacqueline and Chris were not able to come on this retreat; at the time none of us were fully aware the level of effort required to care for their son Nick, who has Autism, and in fact, Jacqueline and Chris were just starting to grasp the details. It is such a complicated spectrum disorder to understand, and Jacqueline has been so brave to share her experiences in order to help others. So, if your interested to learn more about Nick and Autism in general please go to jacquelinelaurita.com where she shares more and provides links to Autism awareness organizations. Jacqueline and Chris certainly have their hands full and have been wonderful parents -- being proactive for Nick's recovery and keeping that their main focus. I only wish them the best forever and always.

On arrival at this castle it was sort of funny -- when we all went to our rooms we starting feeling the heat! Was it because we were in Hell...no, its just the fireplaces, silly!
Then we went to break bread together for this first time in a year (and without the team builders present). Talk about AWKWARD! Right after lunch we got into it with the professionals with exercises to help us get in the mindset of being part of something larger than ourselves. We all had this expectation on how this was going to play out with re-dedicating ourselves to having consistent partnerships and improving the commitments of each relationship. Instead, the anger and frustration bubbles over and OMG it blows up, big time!