Kathy Wakile

Kathy was glad that she was able to clear the air with her cousin.

on Jul 30, 2013

We are still in Italy, so grateful to be seeing friends and family whom we have not spent time with in over six years since Rich and I last took this trip. Now with Victoria and Joseph being older, words cannot describe how amazing this has been for us all -- check out my Instagram @officialkathywakile for my photo journal.

When we have met people from other countries that watch our show, as well as some who are not as familiar, it always takes us by surprise how we serve as catalysts to help bridge communication gaps. For instance, topics that have remained hidden and effectively created deeper wedges, separations, or silence in families for generations suddenly are no longer taboo and our presence encourages discussion and forgiveness...even some laughter! As always, thank you for sharing your stories and opinions; it really means so much to us and we have learned a lot. In return, we're so glad that our experiences have often been able to create positive change and growth in other families.

Now for this week's episode:
I love how the passion that runs deep in our family brings out the best in all of us. It was so surreal to watch this episode, since so many things actually happened during this Lake George trip that you, the viewers, never got a chance to see...but trust me, a lot of other stuff happened! Communicating, forgiving, really owning and taking responsibility to move us all forward as a family was a big emotional break through -- and, get ready, there is more! You have to keep watching. You will be amazed at how deep we really get with our relationships and learn how to communicate better with each other so we HEAR what each person is really saying -- each bit of effort we all gave is a step in the road to reach the long lasting goal of wholeness.