Joey and Rosie or Bonnie and Clyde?

Kathy explains her frustration with the joyride debacle.

I wasn’t born with the skinny gene. I have always had to watch what I eat, exercise at least 5 to 6 times a week, and stick to a routine just to maintain. Unfortunately, like so many other women, as soon as I don’t, I put on weight -- not too much, but just enough to make me want to do something about it. You really have to be conscious of it and make an effort.
It’s easy to put yourself on the back burner. In particular, it has happened to me during times of my life when I was under a lot of stress. For example, when my father became very ill and when Victoria had her brain surgery, the stress was high and like so many other mothers out there, I put myself and my needs last because others’ needs took priority. It's a delicate balance especially for me. I’m a Libra, so as soon as things get slightly off balance, I start to tip the scales. No pun intended.Fortunately I always seem to catch myself and get back on track. At this point in my life I do my best to find that balance. Moderation is the key. Eating healthy and using portion control are the main factors, but more importantly for me is finding at least an hour a day to exercise. Whether it’s kickboxing, running, cycling, or circuit training, it has been the best way to put myself on track and remain healthy and strong. However I’m always up for something new. That’s why when invited to the gym I thought, “Sure why not?” Even though I’m much into more of a solitary exercise where I compete with my own personal best, where my focus is becoming stronger and more resilient than I was the week before. I just really dislike dancey sh--! I don’t follow steps that well and I lose my rhythm all the time. It’s frustrating! I’d rather dance to my own drum anyhow, wouldn’t you?
There comes a point in your life where coming to terms with accepting certain things about your physical appearance is empowering, like, “I’m never going to be 5’7” and a size 2, with long legs and a booty like Beyonce.” It’s just never going to happen. So what? I am comfortable with the skin I’m in, and more importantly, I am a healthy and strong woman that has taken care of the people I love and have been strong for them whenever they needed me. That’s something I will never ever regret and always be proud of. Even though I may wonder why those "skinny bitches" don't want a cupcake, the fact of the matter is the journey to health and wellness is everything in moderation, so I say indulge a little, it's not gonna kill you. I heard Tamra Barney from The Real Housewives of Orange County say something this week and I can get it out of my head: “Strong is the new skinny. You go, girl! So for all of you ladies out there that find yourself with the same dilemma as me, let’s all focus on what’s important! Remember that being healthy and strong and happy will always trump being a size 2.
Talking about being strong, it took all the strength I had to restrain myself from really freaking out on Joseph and Rosie when I came home and saw the garage doors wide open, no one home, and no trace of a note. The crazy thoughts of home invasion or God knows what else just took over all my thinking. I got so worried, scared, and stressed! Mama Bear in over drive kicked in! Then when they pulled up in the Ferrari and they were so pleased with themselves that it really pissed me off! Rosie is supposed to be the adult. Those two are like Bonnie and Clyde! Joseph comes up with a nutty idea and Rosie is game! It was as if I stepped into Ferris Beuller’s Day Off. Thank God our story didn't end badly; I'll be happy once I survive these teenage years with my kids! As for Rosie, we are all still waiting for that to happen!

And God Bless my sweet Mommy and Mother-in-Law for what we all put them through! Bottom line, I’m counting my blessings daily. I am really lucky to have a supportive, loving family. I’m lucky to have a husband and children that love and appreciate me and the truly important things in life. We try to spread this around as much as possible. Like when loved ones are in the hospital for any length of time. It can be so difficult and depressing for both the patient and their family. It seems as though the hours and days are just so gray. The only thing that helps pass the time is when family and friends pop in to visit, even if it’s just for a little. No matter what, it always feels special to know you are in someone's thoughts. That's why when Victoria and Joseph walked through the door to visit my uncle, they were all smiles, happy, joking around, etc. and he was thrilled to see them. Love and laughter IS the best medicine!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Father's Day!
Lots of Love,

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