Kathy Wakile

Kathy dishes on her driving lesson with Joey and her own experience learning how to drive.

on Jun 10, 2013

Growing up Italian
Being old fashioned and from New Jersey, I have to say, we are really a unique breed!
I’ve had the pleasure lately to travel to some beautiful cities across the country, and I’m learning how different we really are. It’s one thing to be Italian, but combine that with old fashioned and living in New Jersey and it becomes a whole different story.
Like many old fashioned households, we were brought up having huge family gatherings. Traditionally the moms did everything and the girls of the house pretty much followed the same tradition. Well, at least in most of the families that I knew.
Here’s an example. When I was getting my driver’s license, my mother was also. Can you believe my mother raised five children without a driver’s license? Luckily my brothers were quite a few years older than Rosie and I, so we had them to take us where we needed to go. Since my father left the house so early in the morning, by the time he got home it was late and he was way too tired to do anything… but I do remember the time he took me out for driving lessons. We went one full block from my house and he told me to stop the car and put it in “park”-- he made me get out of the car and go in the passenger seat… and told me we were going home. I guess that driving lesson was OVER! Ha!