Kathy Wakile

Kathy had fun helping Rosie search for eligible singles.

on Aug 7, 2013

We’re back after our fantastic trip to Italy. So grateful to have had the opportunity to do this with Rich, Victoria, and Joseph. Check out my Instagram @officialkathywakile for my photo journal. I apologize for being really late with my blog entry; traveling with time change overseas really throws you for a loop, but we were super excited to be back in our home in Jersey. It is great to go away, but always better to come back ‘cause there’s no place like home!

Now on to the episode:
It put a smile on my face to see Teresa, Melissa, Joe, and Joe and all the kids together. Go forward; it’s about building a whole bunch of new happy memories. It totally reminded me of when we all as cousins used to play and hang out, and we shared a lot of first things together. Those childhood memories keep us bonded together, no matter what! So it was nice to see that the younger generations are the same and still have that natural unconditional love and affection! So, so happy for all of them!