Melissa Gorga

Melissa opens up about her marriage and the argument with Joe.

on Jul 1, 2013

Hello, again! Hope everyone is planning a fun July 4th weekend. I’m going to be in Orlando, Florida for the holiday. I’ve got a big performance with the Jonas Brothers. I’ll be singing my new single “Never Let Me Go” in front of over 150,000 people! I’m rehearsing my butt off, believe me. If you’re near Altamont Springs, come by.
I got a little choked up watching the scene in this week’s episode with me and Antonia talking in my bedroom while I was working on Love Italian Style. I’m proud that she sees me writing a book about having a great marriage. I really do plan on giving her a copy on her wedding day. The advice about how to have a traditional-yet-modern marriage will totally hold up for Antonia, and for her own daughters one day. I’m just so excited that my love story -- good, bad, and sexy -- is going to be in print in only a couple of months!
My mother, aunt and sisters brought me old photos to put in my book. I’m grateful for that, and for their being understanding about my decision to tell the whole story about my childhood and my father. If at any point my mother said, “I forbid you to talk about it on camera or write about it,” you would not be seeing or reading a word on the subject. It would not have come up. But my mother gave me her blessing. My family supports me in what I’m trying to do. It’s not always comfortable or easy to speak the truth. But it is necessary and important for me to do it in my book.