Melissa Gorga

Melissa responds to some of the negative criticism regarding 'Love Italian Style'.

on Sep 30, 2013

Having a well-fed family and a beautiful home are sources of pride for me. Hardcore feminists are allowed to cook and decorate, too, amirite, Jezebel? Or not? Clearly, that reporter’s ideals about marriage are different than mine. Good for her. To each her own. As the subtitle reads, my book is about “The Secrets of MY Hot and Happy Marriage.” I hope people will judge my book after they’ve ACTUALLY read it, not just on one article on a notoriously snarky blog that misconstrued my message in order to get hits.

Accusing Joe and I of promoting marital rape diminishes the real terror and violence of a forcible act of sexual violence. Women who are prisoners of their husband's violence have no escape from physical and psychological trauma. Playing hard to get is NOT domestic abuse. If any women reading this are in a nightmare situation, go to for help.

Now, on to the episode.

I simply can’t/won’t rehash the Penny/Johnny confrontation. As far as the backstory goes, who said what to whom, I dust off my hands to the entire mess.