Melissa Gorga

Melissa thinks Penny and her husband should focus on their own lives.

on Sep 24, 2013

Hi everyone ,

Sorry for not getting my blog to you sooner. I’ve been on a jam packed tour promoting Love Italian Style. It’s such a great feeling to finally have the book out there and I can’t tell you how amazing it has been meeting fans each night at my book signings. I am so grateful that so many of you are taking the time to come out. I love hearing your stories and chatting about the book! You are the reason I wrote this book, and I’m so glad that you love it! There are lots more signings over the next few weeks, and I can’t wait to see you at one of them. Check out my website to see where I’ll be next.

OK onto the episode. UGH! I don’t know about you, but I am so over the he said, she said. It’s getting very old if you ask me. The fact is I came onto the RHONJ scene talking about sprinkle cookies and re-done homes. How we got to gold-digging, stripping, and cheating is beyond me.

For me it’s not so much about the actual rumors, because they are ridiculous and almost laughable. The people that came on the show to spread them when confronted and asked for proof have NONE. The people that shout from the rooftops on Twitter and in blogs, promising to “Bring the Truth” never do! Know this: if you were in my past, you remain in my past for a reason. Contrary to what some may say, I’m not spending my time talking about you, and I honestly wish everyone well.