Melissa Gorga

Melissa shares her reasons for moving and explains the cracked sink situation.

on Jun 9, 2013

Love Lives Here

I have to start off with Jacqueline and Chris. What incredible parents! Watching Jacqueline film her Parenting blog was so heartwarming. It couldn’t have been easy. Talking through the tears takes a lot of bravery. I admire her for sharing her experience. The stress and pressure of raising an autistic child, as Chris said, could tear a lot of marriages apart. The fact that they’ve grown closer in the last year is a testament to the power of their love and commitment. Nicholas has come so far. When Jacqueline isn’t working with him, she’s online researching the next best treatments and therapies to try. 100% of her life is devoted to helping her son. Hearing Nicholas say, “I love you,” at their house was just as touching as it seemed. Everyone was crying. I’m so grateful to have been there to witness that beautiful moment. The Lauritas are good people. I wish them nothing but happiness and health.