Melissa Gorga

Melissa didn't appreciate being grilled by Teresa and Kim D. about when she went to the hospital.

on Jun 17, 2013

When Jacqueline showed up in jeans, I realized she never had any intention of taking the class. LOL! She mentioned her Nervous Nellie phobias of exercising in public and driving alone on the highway. Not ideal for living in New Jersey, the “what exit?” state. She told me later that her fear of driving stemmed from being in a bad car accident when she was younger. I get that. I certainly carry around some baggage from my childhood. Along with what she’d said, I invited her to come because she’d been under so much stress lately. Exercise is a powerful stress reliever for me. When I workout, I feel stronger. I might give exercise too much credit. I think of it as the cure-all for stress and illness. Ever heard the expression “sweat it out?” If only I had sweat more, maybe I could have cured my sore throat! 

I was confused why certain people make such a big deal out of Kathy and Jacqueline going to the gym. Linda obediently called Teresa about it like an undercover spy reporting into headquarters. Teresa wondered why the ladies were at her gym. Funny, I didn’t notice Teresa’s name on the door.

It really bugged me listening to Teresa, Kim D., and Linda (or, as Joe called them, Moe, Larry, and Curly) laughing on the phone about people’s weight. Were they auditioning for Mean Girls? I hate listening to that. Kathy and Jacqueline look sensational. We should all be so “fat.”