Melissa Gorga

Melissa wasn't feeling the equine therapy session.

on Sep 2, 2013

Hi, everyone. Happy Labor Day! Hope you’re all barbecuing, swimming and having a great time with loved ones. We’re down the shore, soaking up the last sparkling days of summer before fall madness begins. It’s going to be an insane September this year.
For one thing, we’re moving! Joe and I finally sold our Montville house. We are going to rent a place for now while we build our new home in Franklin Lakes. Packing? Not fun! I’m way too OCD about our things to let movers do it all for us. I have to make sure every plate is wrapped up perfectly and put into boxes in just the right way. Meanwhile, the kids start their new school soon. We’ve got a lot of back to school shopping to do!
And, then there’s my BOOK LAUNCH! Love Italian Style comes out on September 17, just two weeks from now. I’ve been waiting for this day for months, and it’s so close. I simply CANNOT WAIT to share the story of Joe and I with you all, and to meet you at my events and signings. Please check my website for dates and locations.