Teresa Giudice

Teresa explains why she didn't want to rehash the cheating rumors.

on Sep 9, 2013

Hello Baby Dolls!
Last week's episode got me all fired up, but I'm not going to beat a dead horse. It is really frustrating to watch the episodes sometimes -- it's hard to relive things and hard to see what other people say behind your back. But we move forward!
I loved seeing my brother and husband joking around and hanging out like they have since we were kids. They have a long history together and my Joe was the big brother that Joey never had long before we were married. Great to see all the guys getting along and enjoying the resort.
Zen tennis wasn't very zen for me because I'm too competitive. I think we all are! And I've never played tennis before in my entire life. Swear! But it was fun and great exercise -- a full body workout! I really like it. Maybe when Audriana goes to school, I'll take lessons or something.
The high wire test.... O. M. G. I have never been so scared in my whole life. It is so much harder than it looks. You stand on the ground and watch someone and you're thinking, "Just walk faster!" but when you get up there. First, it's really high up, and even though you know you have a safety harness on, you can't really feel it until you fall. So when you're walking up there you don't have that safety pressure holding you up. All you can see is the damn, hard ground! And the wires move like crazy. The muscles in your legs are burning so badly just to try and find your balance and then the other person with you moves and throws you off and you're supposed to walk! The only way to really do it is to zone out, forget about the ground and the wire and just go. And if you have someone you can really connect with and look into their eyes, that's what you do, you distract each other and encourage each other. It was a very cool experience and I'm very glad I did it.