Teresa Giudice

Teresa thinks her brother truly crossed the line during their confrontation at the gym.

on Jun 24, 2013

Hi Loveys!

What a beautiful sunny week! Joe and I were in Miami for my Fabulicious: On the Grill book signings, and then we spent the weekend at the shore with our kids playing on the beach. Our shore house is almost rebuilt -- Joe did an amazing job! -- but we still don't have a TV there. This week, I was kinda glad though, since it was not an episode I wanted my kids to watch. It's not an episode I wanted to be in!
I do really, really wish that Kathy would leave my dad out of the show. I signed up to be on a reality show, my dad didn't. He's only appeared a few times for his children, but not for himself. He wants no part of this show, he doesn't even watch it (Thank God!), and I think you can see why. When my father is filmed with us, he doesn't talk about Kathy's family, and I would love it if they would stop talking about him. If I had known 5 years ago when I signed up for a show about shopping with my friends that people were going to talk about my father's private business, I would never, ever have joined. If you want to talk about your own father on TV, be my guest. But please, stop talking about mine.