Teresa Giudice

Teresa explains why she thinks everyone wants to blame her for the rumors.

on Sep 16, 2013

Finally, did you see my new Skinny Italian food line? I loved the visit to the showroom with my husband, mom, and mother-in-law. I'm so lucky to have such a supportive husband and parents. I love them so much! I'm so excited for you all to try Skinny Italian Foods! It's all imported from Italy and so so amazing! We have 7 different artisan pastas -- the closest thing to homemade pasta you can get. Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is harvested exclusively from Calabria, and you can get a beautiful mix of Mediterranean Olives (Calcidica Sweet & Salted, Nocellara del Belice) as well. The Skinny Italian Balsamic Ketchup is perfect for marinating the flank steak recipe in my "Fabulicious! On the Grill" and it's great on hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken nuggets... once you try Balsamic Ketchup, you'll never go back to regular! We also have a home-style fresh marinara sauce that you can use instead of the Quickie Sauce in all of my recipes. Go to http://www.skinnyitalianfoods.com/ to order some today!
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Tanti Baci,
Teresa xx
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