Teresa Giudice

Teresa shares her thoughts on the confrontation with Penny.

on Sep 23, 2013

Hi Baby Dolls!
We're winding down to the very end. Can you believe there's only one more episode left?
First I want to say congrats to Melissa on her book and her music career. I am so happy for her! And congrats to the Manzo boys for their restaurant. The food is delicious! Love you all!
I loved seeing Victoria Gotti again. When we were first cast on Celebrity Apprentice together, the tabloids tried to say there was a fake feud between us maybe because we're both strong, Italian women? It's exactly that that made us friends! I trust and respect her. She's one tough lady. And not many people know how accomplished she is. She's written five books, was a columnist for the NY Post, and she had her own show Growing Up Gotti almost ten years ago, before Jersey shows were hot. I love her!