Teresa Giudice

Teresa shares two recipes from her latest cookbook.

on Jul 1, 2013

Hello Loveys!
Happy 4th of July week! Happy summer! I'm not gonna lie, I'm so happy right now. Things are so so good. (Maybe it's because I finally got a taste of my own medicine. Had no idea I needed that so badly. Yum!) Seriously though, we are all in a good place now, and you'll soon see how we got there. I'm sure we'll still use our blogs to explain things on each episode and defend ourselves, but that was months ago and this is now. And right now, we're all pretty happy. At least I am.

I'm headed down to the shore with my family this week and we'll be grilling up every meal like we always do. To help you with your holiday grilling, I decided to give you an excerpt from my new cookbook Fabulicious!: On The Grill, Teresa's Smoking Hot Backyard Recipes this week as well as two of my favorite recipes. Enjoy!
Everything about Italy is hot: the climate, the people, the fashion, even the shape of the country—how much hotter can you get than a tall boot with a high heel?
Everything about Italians is hot, too -- and not just on the outside. We’re hot blooded. We are famous for our passion and our tempers, for our love and our loyalty. And when it comes down to it, we just like things hot. We like our partners hot; we like our weather hot; and we love our food hot.