Amber Marchese

Amber sounds off on Melissa for stirring up trouble with the twins.

on Jul 28

Jim only knew what he read in the papers. My husband had never met Joe Giudice and he knew Joe Gorga had been involved in fights before. So Jim’s initial reaction was to keep a distance, because he does want to be around that kind of stupidity. To Jim, physically fighting puts his family in harm’s way, and Jim will do anything to protect us. Jim did not think adding alcohol and late night bowling in NY was the best formula given the history. He would have preferred a less volatile situation, maybe a quiet dinner to get to know them. That is his choice, and I have to respect it. For viewers of last season, didn’t Joe Gorga and Joe Guidice get into a fight over calling Teresa a nasty name?

One final thought I want all of you to know about Nicole’s over-the-top reaction. This was NOT Nicole’s first time hearing this rumor. It was not the first time, because I had let her know that I had heard this rumor before. So this running out of the store with the unpurchased items still on their back, driving to my home to confront me is just bizarre. Didn’t Nicole ever hear of the telephone? The telephone is “new” technology and it works quite well. Again, hmm…and I wonder, when someone has this over-the-top reaction, doesn’t that mean the allegations are typically TRUE?

I think everyone should know about Bobby and his lies. This was definitely the hardest part to watch as he and my husband have been friends for years. Take into consideration that Bobby came to our home, played with our children, and then took a conversation out of context to look cool. Bobby is such a follower, he would do anything to be part of what he thinks is the “cool crowd.” A good friend would have said, “Jim has to work tomorrow early and sends his regards,” but that would assume Bobby had class. At the bowling alley you can imagine what Bobby told Rino. When asked why my husband was not there, Rino was so excited to tell his “new friends” what Bobby had told him. Rino said, “Do you want a lie or the truth?” Well the truth hurts. My husband does not need to buy a ticket to hang out with Joe Gorga. He stays away from adults who behave like juveniles. 

Before I leave you all, I am going reiterate. NONE of us are perfect, nor do we behave in the most perfect manner sometimes. Everyone has been in situations that are similar, we are not reinventing the wheel. Yes, I am hurt and mad at myself, but this is how we learn and grow to be the best person we can be. Despite what occurred, I do not have ill feelings towards anyone. Let’s take these opportunities to forgive, to learn, to love, and to pray to become wiser. Learn from our mistakes. I love you all, I wish I could give you all a big hug. As always, thank you to my Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter friends for being so supportive and kind to me. And thank you for taking this journey with all of us. 

Love, gratitude, and blessings, 

Amber Marchese

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