Amber Marchese

Amber Marchese shares her thoughts on the fallout from the party.

on Aug 13

Hello all! 

So here we are. Last week, as you can tell, I was extremely angry. Although I have anger in me still, sadness and confusion is starting to set in. What did I do to deserve this? Why did the people I trust and consider friends turn on me and gang up on me in one instant, without any warning. I told Melissa because she asked me a direct question. We have all been in a situation when we tell a friend about a rumor we've heard, and I am no exception. If Melissa wanted to tell the twins, so be it, but she should have told me that she had a conversation with them or planned to have a conversation. She never even gave me a chance to fix the situation with Nicole or even share my side. She had very recently met Nicole. If she had told me in advance or we had a chance to sit down together, the outcome would have been a lot different. I have never experienced disloyalty and hurt like I have with Melissa. Why didn’t she give me a warning? I leave that question to you as I still to this day do not understand it. She may have helped me a little bit when the twins were going off on me in the basement of the party, but instead of having any concern for me, she starts munching on veggie sticks. It is all very hurtful to watch. P.S. Melissa, you know damn well that my hair is real and they are not extensions. 

Nicole says she wanted an apology. Hmm, well, I would have loved a chance to apologize, however she acted like a lunatic right off the bat. Nicole wanted a scene, not an apology. She made sure everyone was there, which kind of makes you think she planned it all along. We are all human, we all make mistakes, but we cannot go around attacking every person that speaks about our mistakes. I could have told her who was telling me the rumor and we could have dealt with it together. The fact that Nicole escalated the situation like that is just disgusting to me. She could have talked to me. I would have heard her side of it, and she would have gotten an apology out of me for not coming to her first. Maybe she reacted that way because she had no intention of just dispelling a rumor. Maybe there is more to it, and the reaction was a distraction from the truth…apparently, it is working.

The rest of the party is like watching a three ring circus. Where was the host? He was conveniently upstairs. The quote of the night from Bobby is, “We've been gone for ten seconds, this happened already?” This seemed to us like he knew that a confrontation of that magnitude would ensure, just not so quickly (sarcasm emphasized)! Watching the episode confirmed our suspicion even further that Bobby knew it was going to happen, when Bobby led the Joes upstairs for a “house tour” but instead was sitting having a drink. Bobby confirmed they just left the party downstairs and was surprised something “already happened.” Why didn’t Bobby say anything when the Joes were making fun of my husband as they walked up the stairs? Probably the same reason it took Bobby an hour to get our keys. I ask you, if a friend of twelve years and his wife were insulted and attacked by your guests, what would you do? 

As far Joe, trust me when I say this is a condensed version. Not only did my husband just watch his wife get ganged up on, Joe thought this was an excellent time to confront Jim on his reasons for not attending bowling night. It took a lot to provoke my husband to lash out as he did. Sad thing is, Jim never got a chance to know Joe because of the smack Bobby and Rino filled Joe’s head with about Jim. I have been raving about Joe for years, minus the fighting part, I really wish they got a chance (without Bobby and Rino’s influence) to know one another. I really think they would have gotten along. They are true family men, great fathers and husbands, and hard workers. I do not understand what was happening at that point, I just knew it stemmed from Bobby and Rino.