Nicole Napolitano

Nicole thinks Bobby's going to get a lot of grief from her family over that wine holder...

on Jul 21

We all love cooking and eating at Teresa’s house, so I’m really happy the world got to see a little of that. I don’t know if anyone caught Giovanni putting the Belvedere on the steak. Yes, most people use “cooking” vodka, that’s not the norm at the Apreas, so I cracked up when I saw that as well. 

Decorating the tree at Teresa’s with my family is always so much fun! My dad is never at a loss of words or, as you can see in this episode, cigarettes. If there's one person who loves to hear themself talk, that would be my dad! He loves giving us all speeches, and seeing my mom rub her head as he was talking shows just how many she has heard over the years. After 49 years of marriage, he still has the gift of gab, God bless him. 

It was awesome seeing Rino, his sister, and Giovanni at Angelo's. Giovanni is probably the only sane one in this family. This family can go on and on about the craziest things, from how to twirl pasta onto the plate to how much parsley to sprinkle on the linguini. Finally Giovanni says, “I got it,” and thank goodness her did or Tina and Rino would have gone on for another hour. They crack me up.

This was a fun episode, and I loved watching everyone so happy and engaged with their families at Christmas time. Watching the Guidices surprising the girls with their precious puppy was an adorable moment for them. 

Lunch with Dina was enjoyable. It was refreshing to relate to Dina about our shared situation. It was great to hear about Lexi and how close a relationship Dina has with her daughter. It was a real, comfortable, and relaxing lunch and after spending time getting to know her, I knew I wanted to develop this friendship further.

This Sunday was my first time live tweeting during the show. I had a lot of fun with my Twitter family! 

Everyone have a wonderful blessed week -- can’t wait for next Sunday and a drama-filled night for our third episode. And be sure to catch Teresa and I right after on Watch What Happens Live at 11/10c!

Hugs and Kisses,

Nicole XO