Nicole Napolitano

Nicole Napolitano gives her side of the confrontation with Amber Marchese.

on Aug 5

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful week! Personally I am missing my son Anthony. He’s still on vacation with his best friend J.P. This week he is in Kiawah Island. I'm just happy he is having a great time while I’m enjoying one-on-one time with Joey. 

OK, let me start off by saying this was the first time since I had started dating Bobby that we were having a party in his home. Bobby thought of the idea to have a theme party and so everyone could dress up. Since he’s a volunteer firefighter, what better theme than first responders? I had so much fun with Teresa, Melissa, and my sister going into the city and picking out costumes together. I was also looking forward to having all of our new friends from north Jersey come to Colts Neck! 

I was also excited about introducing Matt to Dina. Never in a million years did I ever want to upset her or be disrespectful. I just wanted her to have a great time, and I knew Matt would put a smile on her beautiful face! And who cares about age? LOL! Next time I promise no surprises, Dina. I must say if anyone could make scrubs look sexy, it’s definitely you!

One important thing I want to make clear, VERY CLEAR, is that I do not condone violence. I regret that the whole physical altercation ever took place. It was truly unfortunate and undignified. I have never been in that position before and hope to God I never will be again. However, I will never back down to ANYONE who attempts to ruin my reputation! So actually the loss of a few hair extensions was not much compared to the defamation of my character. To me, verbal abuse can be just as harmful as physical abuse, and that is exactly what took place.