Teresa Aprea

Teresa Aprea can't help but laugh at Rino and Giovanni's conversation.

on Aug 21

Summer is flying by and I’ve been taking in every moment of its last weeks. I have not had a second at home to write this blog. Here goes -- I really enjoyed this episode at Ponte Vecchio. It was seriously one of my highlights of filming this season. It was a night of pure fun and laughter, and of course, the best food! Although we may not agree all the time on things, the invite for this evening was planned perfectly and the night was a success with the Giudices, the Gorgas, Nicole and Bobby, Dina and Kenny, the Wakiles, Rosie and her girlfriend. 

Every scene with my son Gio makes me smile. I’m sure you can tell by now that my son, my one and only, steals my heart. Gio is a good driver, but all you moms know how nerve wracking it is driving with your child in the beginning. As a mom my advice is to constantly reinforce with your children that speed really kills. My heart breaks for so many lives lost this past week in our area from car accidents with teens. I am constantly praying for the youth today to “get it” -- drive slowly. Kids think they really are indestructible.

Having dessert in little Italy with Rino and Gio was quite amusing. Obviously Rino and I have different parenting styles. His conversations with Gio are a lot different than mine, so I will leave the “double, triple bagging” suggestions to his dad. That is definitely a talk that should have been between father and son, without me there. My conversations with Gio definitely pertain to the heart, the way to treat a woman, respect, cherishing, and a lot of love. Rino’s conversations tend to head south. LMAO!