Teresa Giudice

Teresa Giudice weighs in on Amber's husband's opinions.

on Aug 5

Hi Sweethearts,

Hello from the Jersey Shore. We're enjoying the warm weather and hope you are too!

Well the sweetness this season was short lived, although I'm happy we got to see the softer side of everyone for at least a few episodes before the all-out crazy began. Here are my thoughts from the episode:

- I've never met people who tell you how "adorable" and "hot" they are all the time.

- I thought Dina did look adorable in her scrubs.

- I can't believe that Melissa would tell the twins what Amber said since she just met the twins and she'd been friends with Amber for ten years.

- I can't believe that Bobby would tell the twins what Jim said since he just met the twins and he'd been friends with Jim for ten years.

- I'm starting to believe the twins can hypnotize people they just met into telling them things. 

- I'm not going to lie, I thought the way Amber said, "Let's go," in that deep, husky voice to the twins was funny. (I had no idea how quickly things were going to turn ugly though.)

- I don’t condone violence under any circumstances, and I think everyone was shocked that things escalated the way they did.