Teresa Giudice

Teresa dedicates her blog to Joe's father, who recently passed away.

on Jul 11

I'm so happy Dina is back on the show too. She is like a sister to me and we've always been close. I'll always be there for her no matter what, like she is for me. And I love my guardian angel bracelet that her mama made for me. I wear it all the time. I'm so blessed for the amount of love and support I've been given by everyone around me, including all of you. It means the world to me. Thank you so-so-SO much.

It has been a difficult year for my family, and we still have difficult things ahead. It is a lot of stress and that stress has taken a toll on me and my family, but we will get through it with love and with God's help. And I guess like Dina said, if life was perfect, we'd get bored and we wouldn't grow. I'm definitely not bored, but hopefully growing.

On a happier note, we are launching Fabulicious Desserts in stores nationwide soon and I'm working on a dessert cookbook! As you know if you've read any of my other four cookbooks, I'm a huge dessert fan. I call those chapters "Happy Endings" because we all deserve one! To hold you over until they come out, I'm posting some of my favorite dessert recipes on my blog at www.teresagiudice.com. All of my cookbooks are available on Amazon worldwide at: http://amzn.to/1qRp3mx.

Finally, I want to dedicate this blog and this season to my father-in-law, my Dad, Franco Giudice, who passed away suddenly on June 18. He was a great, great man, a wonderful father and grandfather and we miss him terribly. He was only 64 and was taken from us far too soon. One of our few consolations has been knowing that we spent so much time with him -- like my parents, he and my mother-in-law live very close and are very much a part of our lives -- and never missed an opportunity to tell him and hear from him how much we loved each other. We had a wonderful Father's Day weekend with him, we had a wonderful every day with him.