Here's Why the RHONJ Ladies Should Think Twice Before Attending a Wellness Retreat

Group therapy isn't for everyone.

The quest for self improvement is a noble one, but group therapy isn't for everyone. When it comes to sharing feelings in a group setting, perhaps The Real Housewives of New Jersey should think twice before signing up.

In Season 5 of RHONJ, the ladies and their husbands headed to Lake George for relationship-building exercises. The idea was to repair the cracks in Teresa Giudice's relatinship with Joe and Melissa Gorga, but that's not what happened. Instead, Joe Gorga called his sister "garbage," and the two Joes got into a serious altercation. It wasn't pretty.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey
Joe Gorga Blows Up
Joe Gorga is not happy with the continued rumors surround him and Melissa and wants it all to end.

Later that season, the same group headed to Arizona for Melissa's birthday. While there, they decide to partake in group equine therapy. While it does seem to heal some, others' issues soon bubbled to the surface. 

And as you can tell from the clip above, the bad-luck streak may continue at Siggy Flicker's relationship retreat. Stay tuned!

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