Danielle Staub Breaks Down Her Exact Pasta Prep Method for Sunday Dinners

Never settle for soggy broccoli rabe... and other lessons from Danielle Staub's kitchen. 

Some people use their stovetops to cook up pancakes on Sunday mornings, but Danielle Staub uses hers to fry up garlic. On August 19, The Real Housewives of New Jersey pal took to Instagram to break down the steps to her "Pasta Sunday" recipe from soup to nuts... or, rather, from garlic to meatballs. 

In an impromptu cooking show of sorts, the New Jersey native said: "It's the start of Pasta Sunday. I've got to get this garlic fried. I'll check back in later, when the sauce and the meatballs are all set." Take a look at the opening shot and just imagine the aroma: 

True to her word, Danielle was back shortly with another video update. "Stage two," she announced, showing off a boiling red sauce. "And, time to mix all that together, and roll some meatballs. Stay tuned! Now I've got to fry that [garlic] — broccoli rabe goes in there."

Speaking of broccoli rabe, Danielle told followers just how she likes hers: "Just so everyone knows: I like my broccoli rabe crispy, some call it burnt, but I like it crispy. So chop it, and keep it in the olive oil. This is how I like my broccoli rabe: well-done, nice and crispy, with garlic and sausages." 

And when everything was done — crispy rabe and all — Danielle showed off the stunning feast that lay before her. "Ok guys it's time to eat now," she said. "If you're not here already — and you know who you are — you better get here." 

Indeed, that looks like one feast no one would want to be late for.

Oh, how we wish these photos came with Smell-O-Vision. Behold:

Photos: Danielle Staub/Instagram

No doubt about it: Those Jersey 'Wives know their Sunday pasta

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