Alex McCord

Haircuts, renovations and more!

on May 9, 2008

Hello everyone! I recently hopped back onto the website and was amazed to see how many people are still reading and leaving comments - thank you! I thought I'd put together a new blog with some updates.

So much has happened since we filmed the show, and since the reunion as well. We're in the middle of renovations, as you know, and I got a call from a breathless Simon this morning to say that the contractors, in pulling sheetrock off the walls, uncovered a section of wood paneling that looks like it might be original. I can't wait to get home tonight to see it, though it'll be late as we're out at two events tonight. It has been a long and ongoing process to strip off all the layers of paint, linoleum, sheetrock and more, but all that stuff has been protecting the original detail which is in great condition underneath!