Alex McCord

Alex talks about her unlikely friendship with Ramona, the speakerphone sneak attack, and Hamptons party drama.

on Mar 11, 2010


This was the first episode in three years that Simon and I had to pause so that we could regroup and prepare ourselves for the next scene. Wow!!

We had a great dinner with Mario and Ramona, and we all nearly died when Simon and Mario showed up looking like twins – gotta love John Bartlett! I didn’t remember whether Ramona had invited us to lunch or not, as I had opened two stores for STA the week before Labor Day, but as I’d been having such a good time with her we were happy to say yes. We all hoped that Jill and LuAnn would join the party, and with a little encouragement Mario called LuAnn and left a voicemail.

When Jill called Ramona from LuAnn’s cell, I thought she should have announced that LuAnn was listening as well. One of my biggest pet peeves is lurking eavesdroppers, and anytime I have to put someone on speaker, I let them know who’s in earshot. Wow. Just….wow.

Cut to the next day at Ramona and Mario’s – you could have blown me over with a feather when Bethenny addressed the logo I’d done for her. I was really surprised for a number of reasons. First, if it had only been about the logo she didn’t owe me an explanation. Companies sometimes try out one idea and then go in another direction – sometimes they come back to you and say, “Can we try it this way instead,” and sometimes they don’t. What had angered me last year was not really about the logo at all. In the off season we’d disagreed about something behind-the-scenes, and rightly or wrongly she was really mad at me and also at Simon. I felt that because she was angry, she borrowed the fact that my logo wasn’t the one she went with, and used that as a weapon to attack me professionally and Simon personally. When B apologized for not using the logo, I tried to explain that I wasn’t really upset about the logo not being used but all the drama surrounding it. That didn’t really come across; however, I did appreciate her desire to clear or at least start clearing the air. After the discussion we proceeded to have a great afternoon.