Alex McCord

Alex talks vacations, villas, vampires, and vindication.

on May 20, 2010

V is for villa - Presidio del Mar was the most spectacular villa I’ve ever seen on an island. Gorgeous, phenomenal and beautiful – and we did have a great time, despite all the drama you see unfolding. Bethenny’s dinner was fantastic – the crab cake was out of this world and the steak was great too. If one defines the term "chef" by whether or not they’ve tasted the person’s food and found it good…she’s definitely a chef.

I literally cannot wait for the next episode to see what they’ve chosen because you would not believe everything that happened. Or maybe you would.

After a month of weird font coding issues, our book is finally available on Kindle!! We’re thrilled, and this weekend Simon and the chums and I are off to Barnes & Noble in Edison, NJ and Carle Place, NY on Long Island for book signings – see our family website for locations and times. Let’s end with one more v word – how about vamanos....