Alex McCord

Alex talks renewed vows, repaired relationships, and why she's NOT a pushover.

on Jun 9, 2010


Hey Bravo fans – I’m so sorry I’m nearly a week late (don’t even ask about my NJ blogs but I promise they are coming soon!) Wow, can you believe the finale is here? At times it seemed it would go on until Christmas; other times it seemed like we just watched the premiere! In that time Simon and I have released a book and I’m blogging on the run in between book signings. We’ll be in Philly, DC, Baltimore and McLean, VA from the 11-13th; to see where we are headed go to our family website where you can also order the book online or download on Kindle! It’s a great father’s day gift as it’s half written from the dad’s perspective (and if you get it for him it’s a gift for you too – hahahahah!)

I decided not to attend LuAnn’s single release as we were previously double booked at an event thrown by a friend of ours off camera. While we have some great friendships with cast member that are very real, we also are not going to blow off a behind-the-scenes friend just for extra airtime. Watching the party I’m glad we didn’t go; as usual others took the opportunity to make it all about themselves, which I feel took away from LuAnn’s performance.

Ramona and Mario were two absolutely gorgeous and in love peas-in-a-pod the night of their vow renewal; beautiful vows and I cracked up watching the doggie drama. If Simon and I decide to renew our vows one of these days, our two cats will not be invited! The Pierre is such a beautiful place and so romantic – if you don’t live in New York be sure to go and have a drink there when you visit. It’s right across the street from where Maxim’s used to be – sadly they’ve now closed in NYC but the original Paris restaurant looks identical to the Madison Avenue one where Simon and I were married 10 years ago.