Alex McCord

Alex talks Fashion Week(end), new Housewife Sonja, Simon's shopping spree, and Ramona's runway walk!

on Apr 15, 2010

Next up, Simon and Kelly go shopping! I love to see Simon shop and figured they would have fun together, though he certainly didn’t need a Kelly makeover. When Kelly asked me if she could go shopping with Simon, I made an appointment for them at John Varvatos, a designer he and I both love, and our good friend Robert was there to make sure nothing went awry. The final combination Kelly put together was a little overloaded, though every piece he bought was amazing and he’s been getting great use out of all of them (just not all at the same time!)

Jill hosted an event for Kodak and Ramona got feisty, which could have been saved for another time. However, there’s absolutely nothing one person at a cocktail party can say that would harm an endorsement deal, so unless Ramona wrote an article slamming them in the Wall Street Journal there wasn’t much her comments could do to hurt the deal.

I’d love to chat more but have to run away to our book signing – happy watching!